How I struggle to make ends meet.

In 2016, I dropped out of school when I was in Senior three studying at Lugazi High School because I couldn’t keep up with paying my school fees anymore. My mother who was the only parent taking care of me and my siblings passed on in 2013 and that is when my trouble started. To be able to continue with my studies I sold rolled sim-sim and roasted groundnuts on the streets, but in 2016, I couldn’t carry on anymore, so I dropped out of school. After that, I started selling charcoal by the roadside for a living, but that too was very difficult and you cannot make money if you don’t sell in large quantity so right now I do anything to make me survive and that is how I am also able to provide for my younger siblings sometimes. 

A story of Pamela (Not real name)


  • omutia John Patrick says:

    To do anything for survival for a girl of that age exposes her to so many life threatening risks which can shorten her life. I hope your organization under life skills training has some package for those finish the process. This girl would be given a training in tailoring and bought a sewing machine to start her life. Alternatively, she can do hairdressing after which relevant tools/machines are bought for her to carry on with her business.
    This organization needs big funding to effectively support these children.

  • omutia John Patrick says:

    It is okay

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