Hunger chased me from home

One day I was very hungry and I went to a friend’s home and ate from there thereafter I stayed for two days before returning to our home. When I returned home, my elder brothers told me to go back to where I was for the past two days. They pointed for me the road and told me to go, that is how I left home and started living on the streets. At first, I walked up to Lacor and lived in the centre for about a month, then I proceeded to Gulu town. To survive, I fetch water for people, I also collect scraps and plastic bottles which I later sell to people who deal in them. By doing this, I can survive since I can always have some money on me to buy food and anything else to eat. Whenever I don’t feel well, I just look for marijuana and once I smoke it, I immediately feel better. I used to take these other medicines such as Panadol etc, but I don’t think they work on me anymore. Mark (Not real name)

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