Starting street life.

I never met my father in my entire life, I am the third child in a family of eight children. I first left home when I was 13 years old, but my mother looked for me, found me and took me back home and school eventually, but I never found life in school interesting so I kept on escaping and coming back to the streets until my mother gave up on me. Right now, even if we meet on the way, she can just pass me without saying a word. I think I started this street life as a result of peer pressure and desire for a good life because those days, some musicians would come to a small trading centre near our home in Karuma and they would drink alcohol, smoke marijuana and chew mairungi openly before proceeding for their concerts. That kind of life was nice to look at and I also started learning how to smoke marijuana and eventually I followed one of the musicians to Gulu from where I joined a group of many other young girls who were his dancers. Jaqueline (Not real name)

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