About Us

Hashtag Gulu is a community-based organisation (CBO) that cares for children and youths who live or live and work on the streets. Our work focuses on rehabilitation, reformation and reintegration. Hashtag Gulu envisions a community where everyone is responsible for each other’s well-being and contributes to its transformation by getting involved in creating an inclusive and peaceful society.

Hashtag Gulu takes on activities that aim at providing alternatives to crime and violence by teaching children who live and work on the streets to become productive citizens.

Hashtag Gulu was founded on the premise that it is critical to welcome and build confidence among members of our community, especially those often looked at as troublemakers. All our efforts aim towards joining hands to identify the root challenges children and youth who live or live and work on the streets in this community face rather than make unsubstantiated assumptions.

Our Vision

A society where no child has to depend on the streets to survive

Our Mission

To empower children and youth who live or live and work on the streets to become productive citizens

Our Core Values:

At Hashtag Gulu Initiative, we embrace a set of core values that guide our actions, decisions, and interactions with others. These values are the foundation of who we are and what we stand for:

  1. Compassion: We show genuine care and empathy for the individuals and communities we serve, striving to understand their struggles and offering support with kindness and sensitivity.
  2. Collectiveness: We believe in the power of unity and collaboration. By working together as a team and fostering partnerships with stakeholders, we can create greater impact and positive change.
  3. Equity: We are committed to promoting fairness and equality. We advocate for the rights and well-being of all, ensuring that opportunities and resources are accessible to everyone, regardless of their background or circumstances.
  4. Transparency: We uphold honesty and openness in all our endeavors. Transparency is crucial in building trust with our stakeholders, being accountable for our actions, and sharing information responsibly.
  5. Integrity: We conduct ourselves with unwavering integrity and ethical principles. We are dedicated to upholding high moral standards in all aspects of our work.
  6. Respect: We value the dignity and worth of every individual. Our interactions are characterized by respect, inclusivity, and valuing diverse perspectives.
  7. Justice: We champion fairness and stand against discrimination and oppression. Our efforts are focused on advocating for justice and equal opportunities for those in need.
  8. Courageous: We approach challenges with bravery and determination. We are not afraid to confront difficult issues and take bold actions to bring about positive change.
  9. Learning: We believe in continuous growth and improvement. We embrace learning as a lifelong process, striving to adapt, innovate, and enhance our approaches to better serve our beneficiaries and communities.

These values serve as the guiding principles that shape our organization’s mission and drive us to create a more compassionate, just, and equitable world for all.

Our Story


“I hardly walk the streets in the night, but each time I do, I walk home sad. I just met five kids aged between 6 and 12, they struggled to cover themselves with a torn tarpaulin on a concrete floor. My heart pained because at the moment I can’t do much about it considering my struggles.

Please if you meet any of such kids and feel you can do something for them, please do because I know it is not their choice to be that way. I will talk to a few friends and find out how we can talk to them and do something.”

This post made by the late Ayella Collins Lacika, Hashtag Gulu’s first team leader, on his Facebook account triggered the formation of Hashtag Gulu in April 2017.

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