Advocacy for changed Systems and Mindsets

Most community members often look at children who live and work on the street as nuisances and perpetrators of violence in our midst. Being called an “Aguu” a common derogative word used to describe street connected persons among other wrong doers in Gulu is equivalent to passing a death sentence or at the least a long-term stigma tag.

We have a track record of speaking up where it matters. For instance, we have been reaching out to schools and communities, seeking audiences, and speaking with people including families, organizing radio and online campaigns to change their mindsets and fulfil their responsibilities as responsible citizens as well as change the bad narratives about vulnerable children and youth in street situation.

Our efforts at the height of the Covid19 lockdown led to the establishments of temporary shelters for street children and youths one of which was run by Hashtag Gulu. We have also seen an improvement and willingness of community members as well as leaders to critically ask the hard questions, explore solutions and attempt to address root causes leading young people to life on the streets.

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