Psycho-social support

Children in northern Uganda, unlike in other parts of the country have been and continue to be affected by the effect of the LRA insurgency in the region up to date. The LRA insurgency saw most people leaving their homes and migrating to towns for fear of losing their lives. This did not only result in loss of their heritage and homes, but also into family breakdowns.

Children who were born in captivity and in IDP camps raised themselves and as they grew up, they also sired their own children who unfortunately cannot enjoy parental care and a proper early childhood as a normal child would. Currently, there are children who live on the street but do not know where their home, parents, relatives or even their lineage and that simply does not make life any easier and worth living.

This is further made worst with the rampant use and abuse of alcohol and other harmful substances with is synonymous with street life. We work with such a child or youth to overcome the trauma, heal and rebuild his or her live.

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